Sunday, October 07, 2007

Sunday nite.

Epiphany continues to blog on the job actions in Baltimore and the pending demonstrative pickets and scheduled no-confidence vote in the Superintendent.

There's a ten-day old teacher strike in Bulgaria. I don't do much international reporting, but when you say you as a teacher are on the dark side of Bulgarian society (the same society that gave birth to Bela Lugosi) I say what the heck...

Israel's Secondary Teachers Union is going to probably strike. Does that make sense to anyone but me?

UFT money going for low-cost teacher housing? Sounds false but is true. How does NYC Educator feel about it? Will they segregate based on whether or not they are city school teachers or charter school teachers? The questions are endless.

It's getting huffy in LA. Or should I say Duffy? (heh) The payroll problems aren't fixed, so the war of words, including "job action" has begun. Although, the continuous performance pledge they've got (which is pretty much boilerplate in all teacher contracts) really will hinder the, if they want to do something. In all fairness, if I wasn't getting my check on a regular basis, I'd be hacked off too.

Reynolds Education Association might strike on Tuesday; they've got a meeting tomorrow. I'll keep ya posted.

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