Wednesday, November 28, 2007

'Tis The Season For Working To The Rule, Grievances and School Closings.

Wicasset teachers in Maine are working to the rule.

These teachers in Minnesota are working to the rule.

Collier County Florida teachers are also working to the rule.

An interesting grievance from the other side of the pond.

From PA, the teacher-strikeyist state of the union, Hampton Township School District teachers (PSEA members) have authorized a strike.

From the international side of things, Dutch 16 year olds organized and went on strike because Parliment wanted to extend their time in school.

The classified staff union in this school district is scheduled to go on strike on Friday. Not the teachers, the classified staff (paras and such). Will the teachers in the district respect the picket lines if they do go on strike?

DC teachers are bracing for the bloodbath that will ensue with the potential closing of over 20 under-enrolled schools.

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