Friday, April 20, 2007

Another Hayward Strike Blog!

They're into day six and staying strong. This is another blog, well worth the read-- "Don't Hate, Educate".

The pithy post that I particularly liked asks the following question:

What happens if you call the parents of your students to let them know you're still on strike and you get a parent who says "You make more than I do and you're on strike!" Sal does their level-headed best to answer the question.

Hayward School District is trying to get an injunction from PERB to get the teachers back in classes.

Also, below is some great footage of the strike in action shot by Whatupthen; teachers protesting on the sidewalk. Listen to those car horns honk in support! This comes from Whatupthen, a Hayward teacher. Their blog chronicles some of the strike.

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ryuvsken said...

I'm glad you put up the video, that rally on the streets of Hayward was actually quite moving. The HUSD is so stubborn and has let the strike go on for seven days now, but we will continue doing what is necessary to receive fair pay. Thanks again!!


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