Friday, April 20, 2007

Breaking news from Ohio....

A reader from Ohio sent me an email:


I was just at the Ohio Education Association (OEA) Representative Assembly in Columbus. One of the items we voted on was a proposed change in the bylaws to open the door to allow recruitment of private institutions (including charters). There was mainly opposition to the idea, but some of the urban unions seemed to be for it. Most of the people who spoke were against it, and reaction from the floor seemed to suggest that the majority of the delegates there would vote no. Debate went on for about an hour, and there was a motion to end debate, so it didn't die on it's own. We voted and then broke for lunch. I'll email you when I have the results. I don't expect it to pass."

Interesting. If this does pass, Ohio wouldn't be the only place in the nation to try to unionize charters it's been done in California and Florida as well-- perhaps New York?

UPDATE #1: Apparently the measure didn't pass.

UPDATE #2: I forgot there was a $25 one-time dues increase proposed. This money will go to "To begin the challenge of having a constitutional amendment added into the state of Ohio’s Constitution". I don't claim to understand what this amendment is about; here is the link to the original site (thanks, Google). It did pass-- I don't have vote tallies, however.

UPDATE #3: Here's more about what happened at the Friday Representative Assembly.

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