Monday, November 19, 2007

Gobble gobble!

This is really interesting. A private school closes, and both teachers (yes, teachers) and students are absorbed by San Diego Unified School District into one under-enrolled elementary school. Parents of the elementary school kids who were there originally are crying foul, because the private school assimilates are getting better treatment than their kids. A must read.

The teachers in Israel are on strike. (Thanks NYC)

It's rare that elections of a union's executive board makes the news, but this one did.

Edison Local Education Association voted to go back in after five days on the line and reaching a TA with their BOE.

What happens when you're a student teacher and your class goes on strike? (Scroll down for the English version.)

Dale Vigil, the Superintedent during the Hayward Education Association strike in California last year has had his contract extended. I don't think HEA got to vote on that one.

This guy pulls no punches. According to him, charter schools and vouchers are the wave of the future. The idea(s) of sensitivity and diversity have no place in education. And those dang teacher unions-- they run the schools! Go back to your cable access show, buddy.

Teachers' personnell files should be an open book, easy to get to and easy to read, says this editorial.

In Florida, they're working to the rule.

This teacher refuses to work to the rule and blogs about it.

On a side note, I'm in "feast or famine" mode. I don't think I'm going to have a lot of time to keep up with "Strikewatch" so those of you folks out there that see something, email me an'
I'll put it up.

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