Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Thinking, blogging administrators...

Yes, there is such a thing.

I've become enamored with two blogs, LeaderTalk and DangerouslyIrrelevant. I think they're written by the same person, but they (he) is an administrator. I haven't seen any mention of the word "union" in his writings, but both blogs are worth a good look and perhaps adding their feed to your RSS reader. It's interesting to see things from an administrative perspective.

And for something completely unrelated...

Ambridge Teachers...the IRS was on my site from the keyword with "Ambridge Teacher Salaries". Be careful! :)


Anonymous said...


Here is another revealing administrator blog.

Scott McLeod said...

Thanks for the kind words.

I (Dr. Scott McLeod) am a professor of Educational Administration at the University of Minnesota and also am Director of the UCEA Center for the Advanced Study of Technology Leadership in Education (CASTLE), the first center in the U.S. dedicated to the technology needs of school administrators. Dangerously Irrelevant is my personal blog about technology leadership issues.

LeaderTalk is one of CASTLE's many projects. It's a group blog with nearly 50 contributors, each of whom contributes one post per month. It's been extremely well-received. You can learn more at http://tinyurl.com/3a6hy3. FYI, we're always looking for new voices if you know of a leader type who'd be a good contributor!

Anonymous said...

I read Kimberly Moritz, a high school principal from a poorer rural area in upstate New York. Unusually thoughtful, I think.

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