Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Cahokia On Strike, Reported To You By Britney Spears.

Following her disastrous appearance at this year's Video Music Awards on MTV, Britney Spears has signed an exclusive deal with Dr. Homeslice to do a few blog posts.

(Best Britney Spears Impersonation)

"Y'all! Y'all! There's like a strike or somethin' going on right now in that state that people abbreviate IL. I really wasn't paying attention in math class, so I don't know what state that is or anything. Oh well. I do know the teachers aren't working, and the name of the district is Cahokia. This article was before the strike and this one was after the strike started."

Dr Homeslice: Ladies and gentlement, Britney will no longer be posting. Please check out what's happening in Cahokia at the CFT website. Here's another article. Just in case you might be wondering, the teachers' strike for better wages and respect from the BOE might possibly affect the football team's season-- parents should call their Board members and urge them to settle with the union.

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