Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Fordham Foundation on Alternative Certification/ Licensure

First, let me get this straight-- I don't usually agree with anything Checker Finn or any of his Finnites put out from the Fordham Foundation. Come to think of it, I can't really remember any time that I've agreed with anything they've said, unless it's something like "The sky is blue" or "Charters are underlegislated and undermonitored". However, seeing as how they would never say the second thing, they did release a report today about how the alternative certification process for teachers across the US isn't really that great, something that I would agree with.

Just 'cause you're a great engineer, doesn't mean you'll make a great math teacher. Some folks just aren't teachers, pure and simple. The drive is noble and appreciated, but uh... yeah. You can read the report here in it's entirety (PDF) or the summary here.

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Anonymous said...

"Just 'cause you're a great engineer, doesn't mean you'll make a great math teacher."

I agree. But the Finnites don't say that. Rather, they argue that alt-cert candidates have to go to Ed school, which they say is bad, and don't have high enough gpa's, which they say is bad.

Sounds to me like they want more engineers in the classroom, with less hassle and less interference.

If you were amazed you agreed with them, maybe it was because you didn't.


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